Our Mission

Promoting innovation and leadership in Capital Region landscape management

The Capital Region Landkeepers Trust seeks to make a lasting contribution to capital region landscape management by investing in people and projects that can lead the way in:

Reimagining Capital Region landscapes

rethinking the way we view and understand landscapes and improving and sharing knowledge about landscape functioning

Improving landscape restoration and management

developing innovative landscape restoration and management techniques and practices

Engaging Capital Region communities in landscape care

developing creative approaches that excite capital region communities about their landscapes and deepening their understanding and involvement in landscape restoration and care

Connecting with country

supporting development of leadership capacities and career prospects of Indigenous people wishing to work on, care for and celebrate country.

Our Operating Commitments

Investing exclusively in the Capital Region – ensuring all funds stay in and directly benefit the capital region.

Investing in learning and leadership – supporting people and projects that can push boundaries in thinking and practice and developing leaders who can influence others in landscape care.

Achieving long term benefit – underpinning its investment in learning and leadership.

Supplementing other sources of financial support and filling gaps where funding options may be limited – recognising the value that can be derived through partnership and collaboration.

Operating on very low overheads – resulting in almost all of its funding being invested to achieve its strategic focus.

Maintaining high corporate governance standards – meeting statutory responsibilities and keeping faith with investors, project recipients and the region


Further Information:

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