Indigenous Scholarships/Fellowships



Advancing Indigenous landkeeping through bush tucker and cultural learning (Adam Shipp / Greening Australia Capital Region)

Greening Australia (Capital Region) has generated significant interest from schools wanting their students to learn more about Indigenous culture and bush tucker. This lead to employment of Adam Shipp as an Indigenous Restoration Officer, successful establishment of and ACT Government funded Koori Garden, publication of the Ngunnawal Bush Resources book and delivery of a successful Indigenous youth landcare program called Village Nursery. Over 20 schools, as well as colleges, child and family centers and other education and training facilities have been involved in the project. With funding support from the Capital Region Landkeepers Trust, Greening Australia (Capital Region) is now harnessing this success through a follow up project that enables:

  • deeper engagement with Indigenous students at 2 to 4 nominated schools over 2 years
  • more substantive work on country with Indigenous detainees in prison and upon release to assist them with transition back to society and employment
  • delivery of an information and training package to assist schools develop bush tucker education gardens
  • identification of training / development / opportunities for high potential Indigenous people