Our Investment Streams

The Capital Region Landkeepers Trust invests in people and projects through three principal streams: scholarships, fellowships and grants.

Scholarships are available to students who wish to pursue landscape restoration research of direct benefit to the Capital Region, usually at the Australian National University, University of Canberra or Charles Sturt University. The research can be at the Honours, Masters or PhD level.  Generally the Trust seeks to supplement other sources of funding support so that the student can:
– widen the scope of work undertaken
– widen the development of professional skills and experience, and
– improve the communication and application of research outcomes.

Fellowships are available for individuals who work in landscape restoration research or practice to develop their skills, experience and critical insights through a focussed activity.

Indigenous Landkeepers Fellowships are available for individual Indigenous people for specific activities that help grow their technical and leadership skills for working on, caring for and celebrating country.

Grants are also available for projects that show potential for innovation or leadership in landscape restoration but are not covered by individual awards.