Projects and Initiatives

Projects and Other Initiatives (see below for details):


Christine Fifield Scholarship
  • Researching historical and contemporary understandings of landscape restoration and how these might need to evolve to¬†integrate changing social, cultural and environmental needs
  • Assessing the Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation program: putting scattered trees back into paddocks
  • Germination biology of grassy woodland forbs for use in restoration
  • Engineering the regeneration niche for the restoration of native grasslands in Mulligan’s Flat Woodland Sanctuary
ANPS Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Developing a scholarship / fellowship partnership with the Australian Native Plant Society Canberra Region
  • Plant diversity responses to the reintroduction of fire into long unburnt grasslands
Indigenous Fellowship
  • Advancing Indigenous landkeeping through bush tucker and cultural learning
LKT Grants
  • ‘Grassland in Transition’ book
  • Improving the habitat of the Glossy Black Cockatoo